IZA Research Team

Focusing on the future of labor

Our researchers are recruited from leading national and international graduate schools of economics. At our locations in Bonn and Berlin, they conduct research on current topics in labor market research. Our research topics are guided by the goals of scientific and policy relevance.

One focus of our work is the analysis of the determinants of labor supply, demand and wage inequality. In addition to classical labor market theory, our work incorporates recent empirical findings and developments in behavioral economics that question classical models of a perfect labor market with perfect competition. In addition, we look at how labor market institutions – unions and employer associations, unemployment insurance, tax and transfer systems – affect inequality in the labor market. Another focus of our work is to answer how education systems of today can ensure equal opportunities for workers of the future, and how the educational environment influences behavior as well as educational and career decisions.

在我们的分析中,我们使用现代empir的方法ical economic research based on large administrative data and targeted surveys. In addition, we test hypotheses and interventions leveraging field experiments in international labor markets. We communicate the implications of our work to policy makers and to the public with the aim of improving labor market policy, enabling everyone to participate in the benefits of technological progress, and meeting the labor market challenges of the future.