Our global research network ist the largest in labor economics. It consists of more than 2,000 experiencedResearch Fellowsund youngResearch Affiliatesfrom more than 450 research institutions in the field. Thegeography of our networkunderscores our ambition to integrate and stimulate labor economics worldwide.Read more about the appointment process.

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Aaberge, Rolf

Research Fellow

Statistics Norway


Research Fellow

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Abdulloev, Ilhom

Research Fellow

Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation, Tajikistan

Abel, Martin

Research Affiliate

Bowdoin College

Abowd, John M.

Research Fellow

Cornell University

Abraham, Katharine G.

Program Coordinator and Research Fellow

University of Maryland

Acton, Riley

Research Affiliate

Miami University

Adamopoulou, Effrosyni

Research Fellow

University of Mannheim

Adda, Jérôme

Research Fellow

Bocconi University

Addison, John T.

Research Fellow

Durham University Business School

Adnan, Wifag

Research Affiliate

New York University, Abu Dhabi

Adsera, Alicia

Research Fellow

Princeton University

Adukia, Anjali

Research Fellow

Harris School, University of Chicago

Advani, Arun

Research Affiliate

University of Warwick

Afridi, Farzana

Research Fellow

Indian Statistical Institute

Agan, Amanda

Research Fellow

Rutgers University

Agell, Jonas (decd)

Research Fellow (deceased)

Stockholm University