5th IZA Labor Statistics Workshop: The Measurement of Incomes, Living Costs and Standards of Living
July 20, 2022 - July 22, 2022

5th IZA Labor Statistics Workshop: The Measurement of Incomes, Living Costs and Standards of Living

July 20, 2022 - July 22, 2022
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Organizers: Katharine G. Abraham(University of Maryland and IZA),Susan N. Houseman(Upjohn Institute for Employment Research and IZA)
Event Manager: Viola Hartmann

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+++ keynote: 40 minutes +++ discussants: 5 minutes (each) +++ floor discussion: 20 minutes +++
+++presentation: 20 minutes +++ discussant: 5 minutes +++ floor discussion: 15 minutes +++

Wednesday, July 20

15:00 - 15:30

Welcome and Introductions

15:30 - 16:10

Joshua D. Merfeld(KDI School of Public Policy and Management and IZA), Jonathan Morduch (NYU)
"Poverty and Consumption Smoothing"
Discussant:Sonalde Desai(University of Maryland)

16:50 - 17:10


17:10 - 17:50

Pallavi Choudhuri(National Council of Applied Economic Research), Sonalde Desai (University of Maryland), Santanu Pramanik (National Council of Applied Economic Research)
"The Impact of Covid-19 on Household Consumption Expenditure in India"
Discussant:Laura Caron(Columbia University)

17:50 - 18:30

Gewei Wang(Peking University), Jinquan Gong (Peking University), Yafeng Wang (Peking University), Yaohui Zhao (Peking University and IZA)
"Consumption and Poverty of Older Chinese: 2011-2020"
Discussant:Marco Ranaldi(UCL)


Concluding Remarks

Thursday, July 21

15:40 - 16:50


Bruce D. Meyer(University of Chicago), Derek Wu (University of Chicago), Brian Curran (University of Chicago)
"The Geographical Adjustment of Poverty Thresholds"
Discussant: David Johnson (National Academy of Sciences)
Discussant:Federico Perali(University of Verona)

16:50 - 17:10


17:10 - 17:50

Nikolas Mittag(CERGE-EI and IZA), Pablo Celhay (Pontificia Universidad Cat�lica de Chile), Bruce D. Meyer (University of Chicago)
"Errors in Reporting and Imputation of Government Benefits and Their Implications"
Discussant:Katharine G. Abraham(University of Maryland and IZA)

17:50 - 18:30

Gustavo J. Canavire Bacarreza(World Bank and IZA), Fernando Rios-Avila (Levy Institute), Flavia Sacco-Capurro (World Bank)
"Recovering Income Distribution in the Presence of Interval-Censored Data"
Discussant: Matt Dey (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)


Concluding Remarks

Friday, July 22

15:00 - 15:40

Shoghik Hovhannisyan(World Bank),Carlos Rodriguez-Castelan(World Bank), Veronica Montalva-Talledo (World Bank), Tyler Remick (George Washington University), Kersten Stamm (World Bank)
"Job Quality of Wage Employment Across Developing Countries"
Discussant:Joshua D. Merfeld(KDI School of Public Policy and Management and IZA)

15:40 - 16:20

Federico Perali(University of Verona), Elena Dalla Chiara (University of Verona)
"Relational Well-Being and the Many Dimensions of Poverty in Italy"
Discussant:Nikolas Mittag(CERGE-EI and IZA)

16:20 - 16:40


16:40 - 17:20

Laura Caron(Columbia University),Erwin Tiongson(Georgetown University and IZA)
"Households in Transit: COVID-19 and the Changing Measurement of Welfare"
Discussant:Theano Kakoulidou(ESRI, Dublin)

17:20 - 18:00

Sebastian K�nigs(OECD and IZA), Anna Vindics (OECD)
"The Geography of Income Inequalities in OECD Countries - Evidence from National Register Data"
Discussant:Dirk Van Duym(US Bureau of Economic Analysis)


Concluding Remarks


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